How can I get an AM4 bracket for my Kraken?

If the model number for your Kraken X42, X52, and X62 ends in -2 or higher, your Kraken retail package already contains the AM4 bracket needed for compatibility with AMD Ryzen CPUs.

If you have an earlier Kraken model (X41, X51, or X61), or your X62, X52, X42 model number ends in -1, please follow these steps to obtain an AM4 mounting kit:

  1. Visit and submit a ticket.
  2. Choose “AM4 Bracket Support” as your department.
  3. Attach proof-of-purchase for both your Kraken series AIO liquid cooler and your AMD AM4-socket motherboard.

Upon validation, and subject to availability, an AM4 bracket kit will be shipped to you free of charge.


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