CAM Overlay

1. What can I see using the CAM Overlay?
You can see the following: FPS, Average FPS, Memory, Version, CPU Temps, GPU Temps, VRAM Temps and Time.

2. How do I move the position of the Overlay?
While in the game you can move the overlay by default pressing Shift + T. You can also have it in a custom location on your monitor by entering numbers to adjust the overlay position based on the X and Y axis.

3. How do I turn off the Overlay?
You can turn off the overlay by going to settings and going to the FPS Overlay and untick the box or if you are already in the game, you can press by default Shift + O to turn it off.

4. Can I customize the buttons used for moving and toggling the overlay?
Yes, you can, all you have to do is go to the settings then FPS OVERLAY tab then you can change it under short cut keys.

5. How can make it so that the overlay starts at the position that I always want?
You can adjust this by going to the settings then under the FPS OVERLAY, you can adjust the overlay position.

6. Can we change the color and size of the font for the overlay?
Yes, you can, it is under settings then the FPS OVERLAY tab.
How come the overlay crashes/ does not work with some games?

Please see if there are any conflicting programs such as other overlays that are in place and disable them to see if the CAM overlay can work. It might not work with other games due to the anti cheat that will not allow CAM overlay to show.

CAM not showing up.
-Conflicting overlays (Afterburner Precision X Uplay )
-Press Shift+O to toggle it on
-Anticheat (Battleye EasyAntiCheat)
-Engine (Vulkan Open GL)

CAM Crashing Games
-Direct X runtime is needed to be installed for it to work
-Turn CAM Overlay off, some games might need this step in order to function since the game is just not compatible with the overlay which we can try to help if you contact support.

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