General CAM Use

1. What does the sun/moon icon mean?
The sun and moon icons are for light and dark mode for the CAM UI.

2. What does the camera icon mean?
The camera icon is for screenshots of the CAM UI.

3. What does the envelope icon mean?
The envelope icon is for the notifications that the user will see.

4. What does the gear icon mean?
The gear icon is how the user will access the settings.

5. How do I change the language or banner or which unit the temperatures are displayed in CAM?
You go into the settings and change the language under the general tab. To change the banner, go to the settings and under general, then click change banner. After that, the user should be able to pick their picture and crop it for the banner.

6. Is there a way to adjust what type of notifications I am getting?
You would go to the settings and under notifications is where you would adjust which notifications you get along with adjusting the threshold.

7. Where do I go to see my NZXT components?
To see your components, you would go to the Tuning Tab and either go to cooling or lighting depending on the component you have.

8. How come I do not see any overclocking in the tuning tab?
Please update your GPU Drivers to the latest drivers so CAM can detect it. If you are on a laptop, CAM does not support overclocking laptop GPUs.

9. CAM is stuck on another monitor/screen how do I get it back?
If CAM is stuck on another monitor/ outside of the screen, press Shift and Right click on the CAM icon on the taskbar and select Move. Use the arrow keys to bring it back into your monitor/screen.

10. How come I can’t see CAM when I click it on the task bar?
If you have a 1440p/4k monitor please scale it down so you can see the app.

11. How can I check the CAM version of the firmware version of my devices?
To check the version of both the software and firmware, you would go click on the top right and then go to about CAM. In that area, you should be able to find the CAM version and by clicking on the firmware button, you can find the firmware version.

12. How do I change the name of my PC on CAM?
To change the name of your PC, you would go to the Build tab then click on the edit PC on the left side and you can change your name from there.

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