H-Series General FAQ

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What is the Difference Between the Standard Version and I-Version of the H-Series Cases?

The primary difference between the i-version and the standard version of these cases is the inclusion of our Smart Device v2 in the i-version along with preinstalled LED strips. The H210i includes one LED strip, whereas the H510i, and H710i include two LED Strips. The Smart Device is capable of handling LED lighting settings and fan control through our CAM software.

The included Smart Device v2 can control LED lighting for any of our first-generation LED products in the same line as our Gen 1/Gen 2 RGB Controller. As such, LED Strips included with the Gen 1/Gen 2 RGB Controller can be used with the Smart Device v2. The H510i is also capable of vertical GPU mounting, whereas the H510 is not. 

How Many Case Fans Can the Smart Device Support?

How many fans your Smart Device v2 is able to support depends on the wattage of the fans. Each fan channel of the Smart Device can support up to 10W of power. Exceeding 10W will result in a buggy or inconsistent performance, and/or total shutdown of the channel or device.

For reference, our H-series cases include our Aer F fans. The 120mm version of this fan uses 2.16W per fan, and the 140mm version uses 3.84W per fan. As such, each fan channel of the Smart Device can control up to four 120mm fans, or two 140mm fans.

H-Series Smart Device Fans Not Spinning?

If you are experiencing issues with your Smart Device v2 fans not spinning up we recommend you check the specifications on those fans. The Smart Device supports up to ten watts (10W) of power draw per channel. If a fan exceeds this threshold it will trigger the fail-safe the Grid has and shut off all fans. If this is the case, you need to disconnect that fan from the Smart Device.

To do so, first power down your system fully and turn off your power supply. Wait 10 seconds and disconnect the fan. Next, turn your system on and the remaining fans should start spinning. If they do not spin, please contact our Customer Support Team for further assistance.

How Many LED Strips Can The Smart Device v2 Support?

Through the LED channel, the Smart Device can support up to 4 RGB Gen 1/2 Led Strips. The Smart Device is only included in the i-version of the H-Series cases.

Can the Smart Device support AER RGB 2 fans?

Yes. However, the Smart Device v2 cannot support both LED Strips and AER RGB 2 fans at the same time. These devices cannot be connected in tandem with one another through the LED port. You can use the Smart Device for either AER RGB 2 fans OR for LED Strips. If used for AER RGB 2 fans, you can connect up to 5 at once to the LED port.

My I/O Front Panel Connectors Do Not Fit Into My Motherboard. Am I Missing Something?

In order for our cases to be used with certain AMD and smaller manufacturer's motherboards, we have a breakout adapter cable that will detach the Intel F-panel port pin convention into separate pins. The breakout cable should be found in the accessory box included with your H-Series case.

If you have an H-series case and are in need of this breakout cable, please contact our Customer Support Team to request this part. We'd be more than happy to send one to you!

Can I use the AER Trim product with the stock case fans?

Unfortunately, the AER trim only works with the AER P and AER F fans offered individually.

They will not work with the stock case fans in the H-series cases.

The AER P and AER F fans are available for purchase here:



How Do I Mount My GPU Vertically With The H510i? 

The H510i is capable of supporting a vertical GPU mount. However, the H510i does not include a 90-degree PCIe riser, which is necessary for a vertical GPU mount. While we do not supply this part, it is very common on third-party hardware sites.

For reference, here’s an example Amazon listing: https://amzn.to/2RobGjC

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