BLD Warranty FAQ

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How long is your comprehensive warranty?

BLD offers a 2-year parts replacement warranty. You can read the full warranty here.

My system is out of warranty. Can I still get technical support?

BLD offers free lifetime technical support. Even if your warranty has expired, you can contact support for assistance.

If I upgrade my BLD PC gaming system, will it void my warranty?

Any modifications to your System that are not authorized in advance by NZXT in writing, including without limitation overclocking or underclocking the GPU and/or CPU or physical alterations to the internal hardware, will void the Guarantee with respect to that System.

For RMA services, anything added will need to be removed before the system is shipped to us for repairs. If we receive a PC with component changes, our RMA team will reject the system RMA.  

What is your FPS Performance Guarantee?

BLD provides free shipping and returns for systems that do not meet BLD engine performance standards—within 10% of frames per second (FPS). You can read the full FPS guarantee as part of the warranty here.

What is covered under the comprehensive parts warranty?

All components shipped by BLD as part of your gaming PC are covered for any failure during normal use, for the length of the warranty. This includes replacement of the part with the same or similar part, as well as shipping costs. Parts that you add to your system are not covered by our warranty but should be covered under the manufacturer's warranty.

You can read the full BLD warranty here

Do I have to pay for shipping for warranty repair if I live outside the United States or Canada?

BLD does not currently sell systems outside of the United States and Canada. If you purchased your BLD system in the United States or Canada but now live outside of these regions and require repair, you will be responsible for all charges relating to shipping.

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