NZXT RGB Underglow Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Can I mix the NZXT RGB Underglow with other NZXT RGB devices on the same channel?

A: Yes you can, keep in mind that this is with only Gen 2 RGB devices such as our new lighting strips, AER RGB 2 fans, and cable combs. Gen 1 products can't be mixed with Gen 2 products on the same channel. Please also keep in mind that on any channel there is a limit of 40 LEDs and the Underglow kit has a total of 15 LEDs.

Q: Can I install the NZXT RGB Underglow to any non-NZXT case?

A: Yes you can! Just keep in mind you need an NZXT RGB Controller for it to work.

Q: Can I use the NZXT RGB Underglow with a 3rd party RGB controller?

A: This is not possible as our RGB products require our proprietary hardware to operate.

Q: Can I have multiple NZXT RGB Underglow kits in a system?

A: Yes you can if you have a channel with room for 15 LEDs to be added. Keep in mind that the Underglow does not have an out connector to daisy chain multiple kits together so they would need to be on separate channels.


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