Enabling Aura-Sync for RGB RAM Control in CAM V4 Beta

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In this article, we will quickly detail how to enable Aura-Sync control within our CAM software. Firstly, please make sure you are on the Beta Version of CAM V4. You can obtain this download at the link here. Make sure that when using CAM V4 Beta, that you have the normal version of CAM off and not set to start up with Windows.

Once on CAM V4, you will need to have ASUS Aura Sync installed on your PC, as CAM will piggyback off of the software to control your RGB RAM. You can download ASUS Aura sync here.

Now that you have all the prerequisites installed, enabling is as easy as going to "Settings" and scroll down on the "General" tab to the Aura-Sync ticker.


Once enabled, your RAM should be visible and controllable under the "Lighting" section in CAM. Note: This product is still in development and is not guaranteed to work. If your RAM is not controllable or visible in our CAM software we would not troubleshoot the problem until this feature is officially released.

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