Performing the Paper Clip Test to Verify Power Supply Functionality

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In this article, we will go through the easy process of testing your power supply to verify its functionality. All you need is a paperclip, a pair of scissors/nippers, and a little bit of time. NOTE: Your PC must be completely off (with the power switch in the back to the "O" Position) and disconnected from your outlet. Firstly, we will need to remove all the panels on the NZXT case you are using. For all H210, H510, and H710 series cases, you would need to just loosen the single screw holding the glass panel and the dual screws for the back panel (pictured below). 


Once these panels are removed, you will first need to disconnect the power supply from your motherboard and graphics card. Pictured below is where you would find power supply connectors on your motherboard. Each connector has an alligator clip on it that you would need to press down on in order to then pull out the connector.


Your graphics card will have a similar connector as well shown in the photo below but may have additional cables you would need to disconnect. Just like before there is an alligator clip you would need to press down on in order to remove the cable.


Once you have removed all of these power supply connectors, we can now work on creating a jumper for the main 24 pin power cable. This will be done with the paperclip previously mentioned, make sure this is a plain paperclip of small size and that it does not have any rubber coating. You will need to cut the paperclip as shown in the photo below to create the U-like jumper pictured below.




Once you have created the jumper, we are now able to work on jumping the power supply to power on. This will help us verify if the power supply is able to turn on without your PC which can rule out a power supply problem in your system. You will need to find the 24 pin ATX Power Cable you disconnected from the rightmost connector on your power supply. With the alligator clip facing up, insert the paperclip into the 4th and 5th pinhole. This connector and these pins are shown in the photo below.




Once you have the jumper in the connector, you will now plug in your power supply cable and flip your power supply switch to the "I" position to turn it on. You may hear your power supply fan turn on but if not you will need to verify the power supply fan is spinning. This is how you will verify that the power supply has turned on, this can be seen if you slide out the bottom air filter on your NZXT case. If your power supply fan is spinning, this would indicate the power supply does have power and can turn on independently from your PC. If your power supply fan does not spin up, inform a team member for further assistance.

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