CAM is Unable to Install

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Sometimes, CAM can run into an error with installation, here will help you troubleshoot these issues. Here are the types of codes you may encounter when CAM fails to install.

Error Code 2

This code is related to a failure in the install script, this can be caused by a corrupt file created by the installer or by a conflict from a previous CAM install. Please check for NZXT CAM folders under the following file paths.

  • C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\NZXT CAM or you can access this folder by typing %appdata% into your windows search bar and press enter.
  • C:\Program Files\NZXT CAM


If NZXT folders are found in these paths, delete them outright then restart your PC and attempt to install CAM again. If you still get an Error Code 2 for the install, there may be an issue with a registry entry for CAM. If this is the problem sadly, the only easy way to fix this is to reinstall CAM outright.

Error Code 5

This error code is related to a problem with the light installer from Sometimes, the light installer is unable to reach the server for the latest download of CAM. In order to resolve this, you will need to download our offline installer which is on a separate server. This can be downloaded at the link below. If this will not download at all, you will need to try again later to download CAM.

NZXT CAM Installer

We also recommend you try out the CAM Beta at the link here. If CAM cannot still install, please contact our Customer Service Team for assistance.


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