H510 Flow FAQs

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How many fans can I install in the H510 Flow?

The H510 Flow will support up to 4 fans total in the following sizes:

  • Front:  2x 120mm or 2x 140mm
  • Top:  1x 120mm or 1x 140mm
  • Rear:  1x 120mm

What fans are included with the H510 Flow?

The H510 Flow includes two (2) NZXT AER F 120mm Case Edition fans, with one mounted to the front and the other mounted to the rear of the case.  These are airflow optimized fans and are connected to your motherboard or a controller using a 3-pin DC connection.

Can I buy the front mesh panel for the H510 Flow separately?

Due to limited inventory, we are unable to sell the front mesh panel for the H510 Flow separately.  While the panel is compatible with the H510 Elite case, we are not currently capable of selling or providing the panel to users outside of those covered under the H510 Flow's limited 2-year Warranty.

Is the front mesh panel for the H510 Flow compatible with the H510, H510i, or H510 Elite?

The front mesh panel of the H510 Flow is compatible with the front of the H510 Elite case, with the front glass of the H510 Elite being compatible with the front of the H510 Flow.

Because the front of the H510 and H510i are a solid piece of metal, the front mesh panel is not compatible with these cases.

How does the H510 Flow compare to other H510 models like the 510, 510i, and 510 Elite?

The H510 Flow is our answer to long standing feedback we have received from both critics and the community in regards to airflow and thermal performance with the previous H510 cases.  Taking cues from the updated H510 Elite, the H510 flow includes a removable front mounted airflow panel to promote increase airflow through the case to better cool your components.

Does the H510 Flow support vertical GPU mounting?

The H510 Flow does not natively support vertical GPU mounting like with the H510i or H510 Elite cases.

Does the H510 Flow include an RGB & Fan Controller?

The H510 Flow does not include any RGB or Fan Controllers out of the box.  If you would like to add an RGB & Fan Controller, you can purchase one separately.

How often should I clean the included dust filters?

It is recommended to clean the dust filters often, usually every 30 to 60 days in order to maintain proper performance for your components.  If you live in a dusty or arid climate, or have any pets then it is recommended to clean the filters every 30 days.

To clean the filters, remove them from the case and brush any collected dust off of the filters.  If you notice caked or stuck dust, you can run the filters under a sink and scrub the filters clean.  Allow the filters to dry completely before re-attaching them to the case.


Do you have any questions not covered by this FAQ?  Please feel free to reach out to our Customer Support team or join the Official NZXT Community Discord to keep up to date on our latest products, upcoming sales, and join in on discussions on everything from PC hardware to gaming.

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