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How to obtain an RMA for your BLD gaming PC

While we use only highly-tested components from well-known brands in your BLD gaming PC, sometimes components fail. If that does ever happen to you, we're here to help!

First, reach out to the BLD support team at any of the following:

  • Submit a ticket at letsbld.com. We will respond as soon as we can, usually within 1 business day.
  • Chat with us online at support.letsbld.com during our normal business hours.
  • Call us at 1-844-650-4987 during our normal business hours.
  • Or email us here, bldsupport@nzxt.com. Like submitting a ticket, we will reply as quickly as we can, usually within 1 business day.

Next, we'll help you to troubleshoot the problem. If one of our agents determines that your system needs repair, we will provide you with an RMA number and email you a pre-paid shipping label.

If we determine that one of the system components has need replacement, we'll send you the part(s) you need and you would return the bad part(s) back to us. For example, if one or more of the memory DIMMs were to fail, we would ship you replacement memory. You can contact our BLD support team by phone or chat for assistance in replacing the part(s).

If the problem can't be diagnosed or the repairs are quite complicated, we may ask you to return the whole system.  If this happens, you'll pack your BLD system in its original packaging, affix the pre-paid shipping label, and ship the system back to us. Within two business days* of receiving your system, we'll repair and ship your BLD gaming PC back to you.

*This is subject to change at times based on staffing and the volume of RMAs.

Note: If you didn't save your original packaging, we can ship you a replacement for a fee--contact the BLD support team for details. We are sorry, but we cannot accept system returns that were not shipped in their original (or official replacement) packaging.

Getting Remote Assistance 

Occasionally, you may have an issue that our Customer Service agents aren’t able to troubleshoot through email or chat. If this happens, we may ask you to let us help by connecting directly to your BLD gaming PC. To do this, we use Microsoft Windows 10's built-in Quick Assist to establish a connection to your PC, which allows us to use your PC just like we were sitting right there with you. 

We can only connect directly to your computer when you give us permission for that session, and you are able to see everything that we are doing. We will not change, copy, or delete anything on your PC without explaining what we’re doing and only with your permission.

Please note that we do not accept inbound requests for help using Quick Assist. You need to contact our customer service team via phone or chat, and, if needed, they will initiate a Quick Assist session to help troubleshoot your BLD system.

You’ll need to have a Microsoft account and be able to log in to it. You can manage your account, reset your password, or create a new account here: login.live.com

What You Need to Do

While you are on the phone call or chat session with the agent, you’ll be asked to follow these steps to enable us to use Quick Assist. 

Step 1. Open the Quick Assist application navigating to Start > Windows Accessories > Quick Assist. You can also find the application by typing “Quick Assist” in the Search bar and launching the Quick Assist shortcut.

Step 2. Click on Get Assistance in the Quick Assist window.

Step 3. Enter the 6-digit security code you receive from the BLD Customer Service agent that is helping you and click on the Submit button. This security code expires after 10 minutes, so it can only be used for the current troubleshooting session. This helps prevent unwanted access to either your computer or our Customer Service agent’s computer.

Step 4. You will see a confirmation screen, and you’ll have to agree to give the agent access to your PC. To start the Quick Assist session, click on the Agree button.

Once you’ve agreed, a connection between your computer and the agents will be established. This can take a minute or two, depending on network speeds, so please be patient. Once the connection is made, the agent will be able to see your desktop on their screen and will be able to use their mouse and keyboard to access your computer.

IMPORTANT NOTE - The BLD Customer Service agent will have the same privileges and access that you—the computer’s owner—do.  This is so they can verify settings, perform driver installations, etc. You will be able to see everything as it happens, and if you have questions about what they are doing, please ask. Our policy is that our agents will only access the information they need and will never make any changes without explaining them to you and obtaining your permission. You may end the Remote Assistance session any time you want and we will not be able to reconnect without your permission.

What is covered under the comprehensive parts warranty?

All components shipped by BLD as part of your gaming PC are covered for any failure during normal use, for the length of the warranty. This includes replacement of the part with the same or similar part, as well as shipping costs. Parts that you add to your system are not covered by our warranty but should be covered under the manufacturer's warranty.

You can read the full BLD warranty here

How long is your comprehensive warranty?

BLD offers a 2-year parts replacement warranty. You can read the full warranty here.

My system is out of warranty. Can I still get technical support?

BLD offers free lifetime technical support. Even if your warranty has expired, you can contact support for assistance.

Do I have to pay for shipping for warranty repair if I live outside the United States or Canada?

BLD does not currently sell systems outside of the United States and Canada. If you purchased your BLD system in the United States or Canada but now live outside of these regions and require repair, you will be responsible for all charges relating to shipping.

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