Why are my games crashing when I have CAM turned on?

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Sometimes a game can crash if it conflicts with our CAM Overlay, typically these conflicts are caused by games with their own overlays or by potentially a bad driver. To check for a conflict with the CAM overlay, you will want to disable Game hooking. This can be found in the settings section of CAM under "General" as shown in the GIF below:


If after disabling Game Hooking, your games still crash, you may need to have Windows check for any errors with its installation of DirectX 12. You will need to run the System File Checker. To run the system file checker you will need to go to your Windows 10 Search Bar and search for CMD, right-click this application and Run as administrator. Then type "sfc /scannow" and press enter.


After running this command, restart your PC and see if this helps with your problem. If it does not please contact our Customer Service Team for assistance.

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