How can check if my PC meets the FPS Guarantee?

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Firstly let us break down how our FPS Guarantee works. When we measure our FPS Guarantee, this is done in an hour-long session at the highest preset graphics setting within a game you selected for your FPS guarantee. The frame rate we state your game should hit with your specs is guaranteed within a range of 10% over or under that number.

Note: We only guarantee your framerate for the games you selected at checkout. This is due to your framerate being verified at the time of checkout for the current revision of that game.

In order to check your FPS guarantee, you will need to install an application known as FRAPS which is free to use. This can be downloaded HEREThe software will look like the example below:


In order to be able to measure your average FPS, you will need to go to the "FPS" tab. Firstly, make note of the location of where FPS benchmarks are saved (or change it to a folder you would like to have easier access to). Then make note of the benchmarking hotkey. Additionally, make sure to untick all options except for "MinMaxAvg" as shown below.


Now at this point, you will need to open your game of choice and make sure to adjust your graphics settings to our standards below:

  • Confirm your game resolution matches what was on your FPS Guarantee. The only resolutions we guarantee are 1920x1080 and 2560x1440, so make sure you put your game to the resolution you selected at checkout.
  • If your game has preset graphical options, make sure to set it to the highest option available. 
  • For games that don't have preset graphical options, set your texture, model, shadow, and particle settings to their highest available option.
  • Disable V-Sync/G-Sync/Freesync
  • Disable any RTX Ray Tracing
  • If your game has an option for resolution scaling, make sure it is at 100%, as this means it is not upscaling or downscaling your game resolution.

Once you have adjusted all of your settings, start playing your game and at the same time hit the benchmarking key (which should be F11 unless you changed it) and play your game for an hour. Once your hour-long session finishes press the benchmarking key again. This will save your session's framerate information in the Benchmarking folder previously mentioned.

At this point, you will find a .CSV file with the name of your game on it. This file will look something like this when opened in Google Sheets or Microsoft Powerpoint:


Your average will be under the column labeled "AVG" and if this number is lower than what our guarantee states, please contact our customer service team for assistance. When contacting our team, make sure to have your .CSV file available for us to review. We will also need screenshots of your settings within your game so make sure all of this is on-hand.

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