NZXT PUCK Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Can the NZXT PUCK stick on any surface?

A: The NZXT PUCK has an integrated magnet, so it would stick to metal surfaces. Metals such as Iron and Nickel are surfaces the puck can stick to. Most cases with metal panels will have a mix of iron and other metals that should allow for a magnet to stick to them.

Q: Can the magnet weaken over time?

A: Yes this is possible, as any magnet can only maintain its magnetism for only so long. If your magnet fails within the two-year warranty we'll replace your PUCK. Just make sure to keep your receipt.

Q: Can I wash the PUCK?

A: Yes! We recommend if you want to clean off your puck to use soap and warm water for cleaning the puck. For drying, we recommend a microfiber, as other drying techniques will leave behind residue.

Q: What can I hang on the PUCK?

A: Most of our customers hang their VR headsets or headphones on them, but really the only limitation is how heavy the item is and if it can be hung in some way. So really the sky is the limit (as long as it weighs as much as a VR headset).

Q: Can I get a PUCK in colors not listed on the site?
A: Sadly this is not something we offer at this time.

Q: Can I paint a PUCK?

A: The silicon material isn't really accepting of paint or plastidip. It will likely come off the puck over a short period of use. You can write on a puck with a sharpie and that will stay on the surface.

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