NZXT Internal USB Hub Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Can I have multiple Internal USB Hubs in a system?

A: Yes, but you can only have as many hubs as you have internal USB ports. These hubs should not be daisy-chained together as this can present itself as an electrical hazard to your system.

Q: Can I connect a sleeved cable, extension, or SATA to a molex adapter with this hub?

A: Yes, but beware, most of those adapters introduce an additional failure point to your system. We have seen instances of these types of cables/adapters causing electrical problems with a system.

Q: Is there a bandwidth limit?

A: Yes, because this is a USB 2.0 channel there is a limit of 480 megabits per second, so if you have any high data transfer devices on this hub it could reduce other devices' speeds.

Q: Can I use the Internal USB Hub to charge devices?

A: Yes you can, but keep in mind your power draw is limited to what a standard USB 2.0 port supports, and can be reduced further by any other devices connected to the hub.

Q: Can I use the Internal USB Hub with a wireless mouse/keyboard dongle?

A: Yes, keep in mind though the inside of your computer might deflect the signal partially and affect how far you can operate a device from the dongle.

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